Classic film returns
to the big screen
In English


INOEKINO brings classical world movies to the big screens of Russia. Started with single shows in St. Petersburg, now the company presents recognized auteur and box-office century hits in theaters in 6 cities in Russia, collaborating with Avrora (St.Petersburg), Pobeda (Novosibirsk) and Formula Kino chain (Moscow and other). We always show movies in DCP format, selecting the latest image and sound restored versions, original language and Russian subtitles, strictly no dubbing.

We screen Oscar- and Palme d'Or winning films, box office and home video tops. We did pictures from Casablanca to The Matrix. We show works by masters from Jim Jarmush and Federico Fellini to Robert Zemeckis and James Cameron, produced in USSR, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and more.

INOEKINO mission is not only showing movies in the highest possible quality, observing the copyright (unlike most of Russian film societies), but developing the culture of theatrical film showing and watching. The majority of our audience appreciates the experience of getting fully connected with their favorite movies and respects the rest of the viewers, which makes a phone ringing or people talking loud at our screenings a rare accident, not a common thing.




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